While Jordan is the proud home of some of the world’s most impressive wonders of nature, archaeology, history, architecture and religion, the destination has another major string to its bow, which adds a uniquely personal touch to its tourism product.

You’ll start to notice the famously genuine welcoming hospitality of the Jordanian people as soon as you arrive in the airport and hear people greet you with “ahlan wa sahlan” – meaning ‘You are welcome, we are happy you are here’.

This authentic friendliness is not only reserved for tourists. In Jordan fraternity starts from within with locals greeting each other like long lost friends, even if they are complete strangers. The Bedouin live by the saying that “No traveller shall be turned away,” and this moral code has stuck, with Jordanian’s always both ready and willing to welcome strangers, guests and neighbours, sharing with them what little food and drink they have.

Don’t be surprised or anxious is locals invite you into their houses or shops for tea or a typical Jordanian snack. These invitations are genuine and honest, and may well lead to an authentic, interesting and educational local experience.

So although the country’s wealth of world famous tourist attractions will leave you impressed and awe inspired, it is this openness, true honesty and generosity that will really make you fall in love with Jordan.