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Once you have completed your online order you will receive a booking number as confirmation that your package is booked.

All of our Tania Tours packages include transportation with an English speaking driver. Renting your own vehicle is only necessary if you opt for a custom made package via our ‘Create your own Tour’ option.

Yes. Transportation is included in all packages and begins from the moment you arrive at the airport. Depending on the number of people in the group, you will be picked up in either a car, mini bus or coaches and transported around Jordan for the duration of your stay.

Credit Cards are accepted in major cities such as Amman and Aqaba, as well as many of the leading tourism sites. ATM machines are also readily available in the bigger cities and towns.

The national currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar, however both Dollars and Euros are accepted in all big restaurants and stores in the country.

While the tap water in Jordan is generally safe to drink, it is recommended that tourists stick to drinking bottled water as opposed to tap water due to the slightly salty taste and traces of chlorine. The tap water is perfectly clean for showering and washing your hands.

Thanks to Jordan’s geographical location, the destination can be visited year round, with key tourism sites open 12 months a year and unique experiences on offer across the various seasons.

The best times to visit the country are the Spring and Autumn between March–May and September–November when the temperatures are less extreme and the landscape erupts in a colourful burst of flowers and lush greenery.

Jordan is classified as a developing country, rather than a third world country.

Yes, you can use your own phones through a local GSM network provider. Alternatively, you can purchase a local sim card that will allow you to call and obtain mobile data services from any local telecommunications provider.

While Jordan is one of the more liberal and open-minded of the Middle Eastern destinations, visitors are advised to respect local culture and dress appropriately and conservatively. Short sleeves, low cut tops and short shorts, dresses or skirts are not recommended and women are required to wear head scarfs when entering a religious building.

In the summer the sun is very strong so light linen or cotton to cover the arms and legs, as well as a hat is recommended to protect the skin, while in the desert the temperatures drop considerably at night so warm, windproof clothing is recommended.

Despite its tumultuous neighbours, Jordan remains one of the safest countries in the world, with a reputation for genuine friendliness, hospitality and honesty. People in Jordan happily welcome foreigners and tourists and will go out of their way to help you out, speak to you and introduce you to their unique culture. The country is an oasis of peace in the region.