Almost entirely landlocked, Jordan counts a small sliver of the Red Sea amongst its wealth of tourism assets. Way down in the very South of the country, of the coast of the port city of Aqaba, the Red Sea is famously one of the best places in the world to scuba dive and snorkel thanks to the glass-like clarity of the water and the rich, diverse and prolific marine life.

Home to thousands of different species of multi-coloured fish, coral, star fish, sea urchins, molluscs, crustaceans, whale sharks, turtles, rays and dolphins, the Red Sea also benefits from a pleasant temperate climate, meaning underwater enthusiasts can explore its treasures almost all year round.

The city of Aqaba has several well reputed fully-equipped dive centres where travellers can rent equipment and head out on their own, or take advantage of the professional instructors on guided tours of the best dive sites in the area.

Don’t have a diving qualification? Many of the most interesting areas are shallow enough to be appreciated with just a mask and snorkel; and for those who prefer to keep their heads above water, the abundant subaquatic world can be viewed from a glass bottom boat.

The Red Sea is also an excellent place to indulge in some rest and relaxation on the golden sandy beaches, world-class resort hotels and action packed water sports activities.