Symbolising the feeling of renewal and rejuvenation that comes from travelling to a foreign land, learning new cultures and traditions and starting a fresh, new and chapter in the book of life


Representing the endless stamina, tenacity and perseverance that we go to in our commitment to ensure our clients experience the very best that Jordan has to offer


Embodying the unstoppable spirit of integrity and honesty that we proudly implement into everything we do, from the top quality services we provide, to our transparent pricing

Tania Tours was founded by Bishara Sawalha in 1990; and since its debut onto the travel and tourism scene, the family-run premier tour operator has grown in leaps and bounds, rising in stature to become one of the leading players in the industry in Jordan.

Committed to offering tourists a richer and more authentic experience, Tania Tours offers so much more than a simple whirlwind tour of Jordan’s most famous sites, instead we carefully curate creative and highly personalised itineraries that embody the essence of Jordan, taking clients on an awe-inspiring journey into the historical heart and contemporary soul of the country.

Led by the enterprising vision of Managing Director, Bishara Sawalha, our highly experienced team of tourism professionals and expert guides, have refined the art of perfectly balancing culture, adventure and comfort, bringing Tania Tour’s holiday’s to life with their in-depth knowledge of Jordanian history, geography and culture.

Today, Tania Tours constantly strives to push the boundaries to achieve the best results, improving the quality of tourism and events services we offer and create unique and memorable experiences, activities and tours with that extra touch of Tania Tours magic.