With so much wild and untouched nature covering the country, it’s no surprise that Jordan has jumped on the ever popular eco-tourism bandwagon, opening an impressive collection of gorgeous eco reserves and self-sustainable resorts for the environmentally conscious guest.

The largest amongst these reserves is Dana Biosphere Reserve spanning across 320 square kilometres of dramatically undulating mountains and wadis of the Great Rift Valley. A stunningly peaceful and inspiring place to hike, Dana Biosphere Reserve is also home to two of Jordan’s fabulous eco resorts, namely Dana Guesthouse – with its spectacular views out across the rift – and Feynan Ecolodge – an award-winning hotel with a zero carbon footprint. For the adventurous thrill seeker the fast flowing rivers of Mujib Biosphere Reserve present a challenging action-packed day of climbing and hiking through the watery canyon that also happens to be the lowest nature reserve on Earth. Located in the Ajloun highlands north of Amman, the open woodlands Ajloun Forest Reserve are home to a multitude of wild plants, birds and animal life and make for a relaxing place to walk and explore the surrounding villages.  Focusing on the protection of wildlife, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is a breeding centre for some of the rarest and endangered species of wildlife in the region, while Azraq Wetland Reserve has become a popular bird watching site thanks to its position as a migratory stopover for birds from three continents.

At the helm of the action, working around the clock to preserve, run and maintain these protected areas of natural beauty and significant wildlife is The Royal Society for The Conservation of Nature together with Wild Jordan.

Dedicated to both the sustainability of Jordan’s protected areas, as well as the socio economic development of the local communities living in the vicinity, the organisations have created impressive and educational visitor centres at the reserves and offer a wealth of fantastic local experiences which support local businesses, arts and the environment