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Dead Sea Tour is a 45 minute descent towards the South-West of Amman. The Dead Sea Tour gives you the opportunity to visit the Dead Sea which is infamous for the nutritional value of its black mud and its empty waters. It is also known for being the lowest geographical point in the world, guaranteeing that the journey from the capital will have some interesting landscapes to enjoy during you drive.

Traveling down to the dead sea, you follow this zig zag road around various mountains. It is a leisurely drive where you will really absorb the views, because it’s guaranteed you’ll never see anything like this. Just 5 minutes before you reach your destination, you will notice a fork road that takes you to the dead sea to your left, but turns into the Jordan river on the right. This route to the river will take you to the site where John the baptist baptised Jesus Christ, truly unique vistas during the Dead Sea Tour.

The dead sea makes for a great day excursion if you’re looking for a getaway from Amman for a few hours; alternatively you can turn it into a weekend of relaxation. Various luxurious hotels have been built on one of the beach strips, giving you full access to sea and mud just a short walk from your rooms. The hotels also each have a spa resorts using the best the world has on offer in the form of local dead sea products. This is a great opportunity to see our Leisure Tour.

When you brave the courage to take a dip into the water, don’t be surprised when it pushes against you. It really is as inviting as the Jordanian generosity, it’s just so filled with salt that the only way in is to float. So cautiously enter and let it do all the work, maybe even  take the paper in with you for some float reading? A great way to relax during the Dead Sea tour.

When on the Dead Sea tour make sure you’re ready for a comfortable and relaxing time, if you plan to stay in the area for a few days then there are other locations you can visit to during the day such as the baptism site just 45 km north, and the Ma’in springs only 5 km further north.


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