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Wadi Rum Tour is a visit to the legendary Rum valley, a desert area in the south of Jordan that has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. The valley is the trough to the the second highest peak going by the name of Mount Um Dami. Um Dami is only surpassed by Mount Nebo, the religious site in the Ma’an governorate.

The beauty of the valley comes from the raw organic feel you get when you visit. Because of the geography and climate, it is not encouraging for urban infrastructure, which is why cities have not emerged there although there are traces found which prove that dynasties have inhabited the area. Durin the Wadi Rum tour you will explore the Nabatean graffiti and temples found scattered around, but there aren’t ruins of buildings that suggest settled habitation. The modern inhabitants are bedouins who still live the simple lifestyle of their past, with the exception of the modern adaptations to tourism they’ve acquired to maintain their main source of income.

If you’re not a the type to enjoy camping or outdoor adventures and you’re interested in visiting the old Nabatean ruins, you can go there on a day trip from Petra or Aqaba. Visiting the valley is ideal if you’re looking for serenity and peace of mind found during your Wadi Rum tour. You can spend the night sleeping near a campfire blanketed by a cloudless sky shimmering with stars. If you’d like to keep the calm for the nighttime, and fill your day with more adventure, that could be arranged too. Activities hosted by the bedouins include expeditions on 4X4 where you’ll be lead to some of sites of the temples, and beautiful natural sites. There are rock climbing and parachute excursions as well, and if you really want to take up to the sky you can take a hot air balloon to surpass all the peaks in the area. Another adventure you can opt to take is the annual Jabal Ishrin marathon endurance race, all availabe dring the Wadi Rum tour.

You may have heard of Wadi Rum from T.E Lawrence’s operations during the Arab Revolt. Otherwise a series of music festivals called Desert Heat have been hosted in the past that had brought a lot of attention to the valley. It is a great place to visit to have at true taste of the local desert lifestyle, make sure you have a cup of tea  with a bedouin and ask to be shown how to make Lafa, their bread which you will taste during the Wadi Rum Tour.


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