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When you travel to Jordan, you will realize what a dynamic country it truly is, for it is where Byzantine history meets Arabic modernity. It is a treasure chest locked away between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia with spectacular historical sites. Visitors to Jordan enjoy hearty welcomes and pleasant hello’s from the locals, Jordanian people are a truly welcoming people.

Locked away in Jordan are spectacular places where travellers can explore sites like Petra, one of the oldest heritage sites in Jordan, and perhaps the most famous. It was constructed by the Nabateans in as far back as 6th c. BC and also has Byzantine, Syrian and Egyptian influences that arose later on. The habitation of the area, however, dates much further back than that, where settlers came a thousand years before the beautiful infrastructure was carved. Wadi Rum, The Rum valley is a desert area in the south of Jordan that has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. The valley is the trough to the the second highest peak going by the name of Mount Um Dami. Um Dami is only surpassed by Mount Nebo, the religious site in the Ma’an governorate. The Dead Sea is a good 45 minute descent towards the South  West of Amman. It is infamous for the nutritional value of its black mud and its empty waters. It is also known for being the lowest geographical point in the world, guaranteeing that the journey from the capital will have some interesting landscapes to peer on from atop.


Travel to Jordan to enjoy the rich Culture with centuries of tradition and heritage.

Learn the coffee culture when you travel to Jordan
It goes without saying that coffee is a worldwide phenomena, and so different adaptation for consuming it have emerged. In Jordan, what is frequently referred to as “Turkish coffee” is traditionally served to guests and visitors. You can have it sweet,  and to order it in Arabic “hilweh”, with a bit of sugar, “wasat”, or bitter, “sada”. The coffee is served in small espresso like cups and on a proportionally sized saucer. You usually end up with a thick coffee precipitate at the bottom of the cup that locals like to swirl and pour out and their fortune read to them.

Another coffee variance is what is referred to as “kahwa Arabeya”, translated to Arabic coffee. This is made with an added cardamom that gives it an Arabic twist.  Cardamom is said to reduce the side effects of caffeine to the body, and was originally added into Arabic coffee blends for it to be healthier. This coffee is traditionally served during big events such as weddings, Eid, and funerals in a handleless cup that would be decorated with Islamic art.

Learn a few Arabic words when you travel to Jordan
You will be pleasantly surprised that almost everyone speaks English in Jordan, if not fluently then just enough to get by with. If you’d like to impress some locals, practice on these few Arabic words before you come:

Hello                                        Marhaba or Al-Salamu Alaikum
How are you?                           Keef al Hal?
Please                                      Lutfan
Thank you                                Shukran
Water                                       Mayya (stress on the y)
Coffee                                      Qahwa

Travel to Jordan to enjoy Ramadan
The holy month of Ramadan is a month on the Islamic lunar calendar where the habits of the whole country will adapt for the fasting period. Because the Islamic calendar “Hijri” is dictated by the circulation of the moon around the earth, so Ramadan comes a few days earlier each year. The day is estimated to be in a certain week, and the decision that the month has started comes only a day or two before the beginning from observing the moon. It would be a good idea to check if your visiting days fall in this time before arrival.

During Ramadan Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, so eating in public is frowned upon. Working hours are reduced in governmental offices, banks, and educational institutions by a few hours. While shops and restaurants are still open during the day, you won’t be able to have a sit in meal in some places before it’s time to break the fast “Ftoor”, but you will be able to take out food almost everywhere.


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