Although the city of Anjara is small in size, it has huge biblical and religious significance as the site where Jesus Christ allegedly rested in a cave with his disciples and the Virgin Mary on a journey from Jerusalem to the Decapolis cities.

Today the city, with its beautiful Roman Catholic church and its shrine to Our Lady of the Mountain, has been declared one of the five Catholic pilgrimage sites in the Middle East and is a popular stop on most biblical tours of Jordan and the Holy Lands.

Visitors can pay homage at the church, which features a large hall to receive pilgrims and a grotto with a life size sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus in commemoration of their time spent in the cave.
Located in the Ajloun governorate, Anjara is conveniently close to the famous Ayyubid castle of Ajloun, the church of st. Elijah and the shrine of St. George.