Unlike any other place in Jordan, Ma’in Hot Springs is the most famous series of thermal springs and waterfalls in the area. A unique wonder of nature, the springs are located in the Wadi Zarqa Ma’in valley in the hills above the Dead Sea.

Known locally as Hammamat Ma’in, the natural beauty and healing properties of the thermal spring waters in the area have made it a popular hot spot for locals and international tourists alike. The waters travel through various natural underground channels and tunnels surrounded by lava fissures which can heat them to temperatures of up to 60°C, before tumbling, pouring and trickling dramatically over the hillside and into the bathing pools below.

Visitors can choose to either spend a day enjoying the relaxing waters in the public pools and exploring the nature of the area, or stay overnight in the luxurious Evason Hot Springs and Six Senses Spa Hotel, which boasts its own waterfall and opulent spa.

The public pools can get busy on weekends and female swimmers are advised to wear clothes that cover their shoulders, chest and legs.

Ma’in Hot Springs is located around 18.5km from the Dead Sea and makes an excellent stop on a route to the Jordan River or Madaba and the surrounding region.