According to age-old legend, Ahl Al Kahf – or the Cave of the Seven Sleepers – was a refuge place for seven Christian men and their dog who were forced to flee their homes and lives after being persecuted for their religious beliefs. In answer to the men’s prayers for refuge, God guided them to the cave where they slept for 309 years, awakening at a time when their spiritual beliefs were no longer a cause for persecution.

Today the cave has become a historic religious site of great importance in Jordan, and is surrounded by Byzantine ruins and a Mosque, with the tombs of the seven men still visible inside the cave. Curious travellers can peep through the tombs to see the skeletal remains of the sleepers and their dog.

Located in Rajib Village, just 10km southwest of Amman, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers is easily reached by taxi or public bus. Tania Tours recommends visitors to wear comfortable walking shoes to visit the site as the area is quite steep and rocky.