Known for its stunning natural landscapes, scenic settings and arid topography, Wadi Araba is a wonderful place to enjoy adventurous expeditions surrounded by pure uninterrupted nature.

One of the most popular and impressive hikes through the valley is the Wadi Feynan trail that leads visitors to the award-winning Feynan Ecolodge boutique hotel.

These trails offer a unique treat to visitor to Jordan looking to explore off the beaten track. The spectacular views, pure untouched nature and authentic encounters with local Bedouin offer a once-in-a-lifetime genuine experience for adventurous travellers.

Located on the south western border of Jordan, the valley is home to nine different Bedouin tribes, who have maintained their indigenous lifestyles through sheep herding, agriculture and handicrafts. The valley has a strong political significance to the region, as the Israel-Jordan peace treaty was signed at the Araba border crossing in 1994.