Easily one of the most famous and impressive sites in Jordan today, the fantastically well preserved ruined city of Jerash gives visitors a glimpse back in history to a time when ancient Greco-Romans had a strong presence in the region.

Once one of the ten cities collectively named the Decapolis due to their similar language, culture, location and political status, Jerash has a rich Roman Byzantine past, with most of the remaining ruins coming from this time.
And indeed, today much of the Byzantine city still stands, giving visitors a clear idea of how it would have been back in the day. Entering the archaeological site via Hadrian’s gate, adventurous travellers can walk along magnificent Greek pillar lined boulevards, explore the public bath houses, marvel at the hippodrome where Roman chariot races took place, wander around the ancient theatre and temples dedicated to the Gods and Nymphs.

Tania Tours recommends visiting the site during the Jerash festival of art and culture, when the ancient city is brought to life with a range of local and international folklore acts and artistic performances.