Almost everyone has seen the iconic images of tourists floating happily in the Dead Sea. This hypersaline body of water has become one of the most famous destinations and offers a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience for all travellers to Jordan.

With around 34.2% salinity, the Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world – around nine times saltier than the ocean. This salinity level means no macroscopic aquatic organisms can live in the Dead Sea. This is also how the lake got its memorable name.

But although the Dead Sea may be inhabitable for fish and plants, the high mineral content of the water has many health benefits and healing properties for humans. And the wellness qualities don’t stop there; the rich Dead Sea mud is excellent for the skin; and as the lowest point on earth the area gets reduced levels of pollens, allergens and UV rays.

A visit to Jordan would be incomplete without a trip down to see the natural spectacle that is the Dead Sea. The water remains at a relatively neutral temperature all year round. While actually swimming in the water is almost impossible due to the natural buoyancy of the salt, getting in and floating in the water is easy and pleasant.
Located only 45 minutes from Amman, the Dead Sea makes an excellent day trip from the capital with spectacular views; however the string of high-end hotels along the coast boast a selection of some of the best luxury spas with direct access to the natural Dead Sea mud and water. Spending a couple of days at one of these properties is an amazing way to relax and truly feel the health benefits of the waters and the area.