Set ona hilltop amidst the stunning landscapes and vast horizons of Jordan’s northern mountains and valleys, the Shrine of the Prophet Hud is a simple, modern building, similar to the architecture of the modern mosques.

The Prophet Hud was an ancient Arab prophet, said to be a descendant of Prophet Noah. The Holy Quran tells the story of the Prophet Hud who travelled to Yemen to preach to the famously large and strong Aad tribe about the one true God. Worshippers of pre-Islamic idols, the tribe ridiculed the Prophet Hud, accusing him of madness.

According to the story, in punishment of their ridicule, God sent a long drought followed by eight days and seven nights of terrible winds that all but exterminated the entire tribe, sparing only the lives of the faithful few who had followed the preaching’s of the Prophet.

His shrine in Jordan is not to be mistaken for the tomb of the Prophet Hud in Yemen.